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• Galvanize BLACK* artists across England, distributing transformational and accessible individual/ collective funding.

• Implement centralized systems to promote and magnify outstanding performances, exhibitions, publications and debates.

• Instigate inspiring and imaginative training and development programmes/mechanisms for BLACK* artists at all levels.

• Develop permanent partnerships with English HEI, including annual residencies coinciding with Black History Month.

• Work with vision and passion to facilitate international exchanges, partnerships and residencies with world-class BLACK* artists and organisations.

• Deliver BLACK* Artists on the Move, annual ambulant festival/conference/retreat.

• Find new , breath-taking festival formats including Diaspora, scheduled for November 2018.

• Become a lasting reference for verve, audacity, depth and breadth of vision and community transformation.

Our objectives:

Who are we?



1. Maya Chowdhry - Prizewinning poet, dramatist, photographer, film-maker and community in-TER –active artist, currently based in Manchester. Maya has decades of experience using art to bring about social change in Manchester, Sheffield, London. She is also an accomplished radio dramatist.

2. Amantha Edmead – Dancer, actress, singer, writer. Working on television and stage, Amantha has 20 years’ experience of finding innovative ways of bringing unusual Black stories to new audiences. Lives in Oxford.

3. Cleo Lake – Dancer, poet, film-maker and actress, Cleo is a Green party councillor serving on Bristol City Council. She is currently mayor of Bristol. A member of Sheba Soul Ensemble, she is one of Bristol’s most prolific and visible performers.

4. Akulah Agbami - Poet, actress, dancer, director. Former chair of Taunton YMCA. Former editor of Spare Rib magazine. Foster panel member. CEO The Women’s Community Forum.Lives in Somerset.

5. Keith Stewart – Martinique-based gay poet and photographer with legal expertise.

6. Judith Davis – Actress, member of Sheba Soul Ensemble. Community activist.

Our Mission:

Our vision and programme for Year 1.


We draw our inspiration and strength from the arsenal of BLACK* creativity being transmitted to the world at this juncture in time and throughout history. We acknowledge solemnly that our undertakings today, our developing an organisation based on integrity, compassion and nurturing with a commitment to create excellent art for all, but especially for our underfed communities, will scatter the seeds and till the earth for new generations of magnificent creators to be born, supported and to flourish.

In 2018 we plan to deliver:

1. Fundraising food festival March 2018.

2. Eclectic – a 20 week programme of outstanding BLACK* arts, held at Kuumba Arts Centre, Bristol and commencing in February 2018 – end of June 2018.

3. BAOTM creative empowerment weekend for women artists in Yorkshire in April 2018.

4. BAOTM creative empowerment weekend for male artists in Exmoor in June 2018.

5. UNItiative – programme to ensure we have 36 partnerships in place with 36 higher educational institutions by July 2018 – so that artists residencies can begin from September 2018.

6. GLOBALEX – programme to partner UK BLACK* artists with renowned artists from all over the world to exchange, collaborate and develop small-scale new work to be displayed on our website.

7. BLACK* artists on the Move – ambulant conference/festival taking place from 21-31 August 2018 in North Yorkshire, Derbyshire and West Country.

8. Eclectic – a two further 20 week programme of outstanding BLACK* arts held in Manchester and Nottingham from September 2018.

9. Implementation of our independent funding stream for BLACK* artists from September 2018.

10. Implementation of training and development programme for early stage BLACK* artists from September 2018.

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