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Greta Mendez

Performance art artist, movement and theatre director, producer, dancer, carnivalist, winner of Nat West and BP Gold medal award, winner of two BEFFTA’s. Winner of best newcomer in film for Kashmir Ophelia. Mendez has worked in China, Greece, Trinidad and Tobago, Italy, Indonesia and the UK. Greta has created works and performed in venues such as the Royal Opera House, the Royal National Theatre, Holloway Women’s prison, the Lyceum, Hackney Empire and….Kuumba Arts Centre.

Her current projects include Ah! Hard rain : the story of a survivor told through the memories of a fisherman. Kashmir’s Opera : the inspiration for this piece is a painting by Sir John Everett Millais of Ophelia committing suicide. Like Shakespeare’s Ophelia, landlocked Kashmir is caught between two states and this ‘paradise on earth’ is being allowed to drift to death…

Greta will take us on a trip through some of her creative ideas based on her early life; these works never saw the light of day. She will also share a fragment of one work which did see the light/the stage.

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