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1. The journal of Birdspeed


Birdspeed is a poet and dancer - here are her thoughts on her GLOBALEX experience: 

3.3.18 - 1st Impressions Bob-Nosa and I have been in contact already so I know that we are both eager to see where this opportunity may lead us. When I first saw Bob-Nosa’s work I was immediately aware of the painful rhetoric embedded in his art that is shared by people of colour and felt a deep resonance concerning my work. I do not know what motivates him but there is a powerful message I am seeing behind the paintings and what I am excited about is exploring the darkness that is initially presented.



What is GLOBALEX? An international artist and UK artist have been partnered. These artists have shared each other's artistic practice, what inspires them and what they are currently working on. Each artist has then produced a creative journal of the journey the encounter takes them on and a piece of art as a response to this conversation and their exposure to and inspiration from the other artist.

2. Waking The Spirit


Writer Jenny Davis explores the journey of her collaboration with Ape, Ghanian dancer: 

So this has been a collaboration and collide of minds, practice and culture. We come to the same brink as artists, and different things tip us over the edge. That compulsion to create, to breathe as artists, to inhabit spaces, be it in our minds, as story, with our hands, feet and music, is the thing that propels us, binds us, partners us. 

I watched Apey perform, and it was a ritual, an undertaking from his side. A cleared yard in Ghana, friends, musicians, and then the hallowed space. I watched him interpret my words, a short story about severance, and separation. And then some. Apey called on the ancestors. Ashanti and Benin. Danced the yeve and ajogbo.  The Ashanti movement means Wherever you find yourself. You talk through your actions. You dance with words. You converse, opinion and deed expressed through the body, and felt in the feet. 

3. A Piece By Joy Jones


Joy Jones, writer and performer, shares with us her collaboration:

Naomi and I had several long conversations in May and June that were preceded by quite a few email exchanges in April. This was also my first (and long overdue) introduction to Skype so I'm glad this gave me the opportunity to learn how to use it.

Naomi is a full time dancer and working to get an advanced degree. She has a particular interest in promoting dance traditions from  the African diaspora. I am a writer but have a part time job at the library along with other freelance projects to support myself.           

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